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vriska and john saw avengers together

jake and roxy into bdsm

karkat and jake are feminists

equius and karkat saw the avengers together

Dirk and Gamzee are both hopeless losers.

Dirk and Sollux are into bdsm.

John and Jade are feminists.

rose and terezi are sexy and they know it

dave and roxy are jogging buddies

gamzee and john are both hopeless losers

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    karkat and john share a common otp
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    Eridan and Gamzee saw avengers together,
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    Aradia and Terezi watched Boku no Pico…. and they liked it.
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    Aradia and Dave rub codpieces.
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    Feferi and Nepeta make out sometimes???
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    Terezi and Nepeta watched Boku No Pico together… And liked it.Oh
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    For me the middle panel is stuck on Dave. I refuse to recognize the foreboding feeling I’m getting.
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    Dirk and Jake are into BDSM. I accept this. I didn’t even try to get DirkJake, so I’m cool with it.
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    omfg i got a better one this time john and dave pop their pussies at the club I cant stop laughing
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